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My Free Forex Training

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Welcome to My Free FOREX Training

FOREX stands for “Foreign Exchange Currency Trading” and now it is becoming an enormously popular and money-making substitute to stock market trading. For any one of us who wants to trade trillions of dollars every day, Forex may be the best choice. We can say that FOREX is the largest financial market in the world.

My Free FOREX Training website will give an overview and introduction of Forex Market to its viewers. This Market i.e. FX opens 24 hours a day and has an estimated turnover of $1 Trillion on a single day business. So, if we compare the combined turnover of world main stock markets, it would not be able to cross this turn over by FX markets.  This Market doesn’t deal with fixed exchange. Primarily it is traded via banks, brokers, dealers, financial institutions and private individuals. Trading is carried out via internet in most cases as internet is now in the reach of most of the investors in FX market.

Globalization & Consolidation of many economic regions can help to reduce risk and diversify assets. Foreign exchange is not much different than investment products such as commodities or equities etc. Just as investment alternatives, foreign exchange offers investors a platform where they can buy or sell investment product, although it could be currency pair. Here pairs may refer towards the value of one currency over the value of another currency. That connection is represented by a single price. In FX, the prices of a currency pair is the market’s anticipation of the value of that currency measure against another currency given the current and anticipated economic and political situation of two economies. This is known as the price of the stock.

In FX market, currencies are like equities. They have their own distinguish symbol which makes them differ from one another. Since they are quoted in terms of the value of one against the value of another, a currency pair includes the “Name” for both currencies, separated by a “/”. The “name” is a three letter contraction. The first two letters are in most cases reserved for identification of the country. The last letter is the first letter of the unit of currency for that country i.e. USD-United States Dollar etc.  Currency pair can be created if we combine one currency with another i.e. USD/PKR.

To become successful in the business of FOREX, what we need is to analyze the daily market trends, form strategies, set up goals, trade limits and the most important among all factors is to setup a comprehensive FOREX plan covering all aspects related to FOREX. You would find all this and more at my Free FOREX Training website.